Calm in the Storm

Welcome to Zenith Youth Coaching. This is a creation of love between two sisters who understand that adolescence is equal parts potential and challenge. At times, it can feel tenuous and more like balancing on a tightrope than the unfolding that it really is. That’s why we are here. If there are emotions and frustrations clouding your vision, we help you find the calm in the storm. If you lack the confidence to navigate the minutiae of adolescence, we walk the path with you. Our role in your journey is to facilitate growth and awaken you to your personal power. It is a remarkable emergence, and we believe it is possible!

The innovation of Zenith Youth Coaching has been a work in progress for Suzy and Bonnie who have spent years dreaming of working together to engender healing and well-being for others. It has accompanied Suzy and Bonnie down various life and professional roads. Suzy’s efforts have been focused on teaching and school counseling, while Bonnie’s energy has been spent in mindfulness, yoga, and spirituality. Together, they achieve a synchronicity that cultivates resilience, hope, and growth.

There is a certain beauty in those parts of life we call “a work in progress.” It can be tempting to view it as failure, especially when parents and caregivers are straining to help a teen through struggle or discouragement. But there is a grace and a softening when we learn to replace that tendency to panic with patience and understanding, as if we are watching a seed germinate, sprout, and blossom. This is what we can do for teens. This is what we can teach them to do for themselves.

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