Home & Harbor


A simple word that embodies so much. For some, home elicits feelings of comfort, a shelter from the storm. For others, home represents more complex human dynamics and can sometimes feel like a place you don’t want to be. Perhaps we have all experienced home on these varying scales of haven or irritant. Yet, looking deeper, what do we want home to symbolize?


A safe place to land.

Where do we find home?

Can we find it in the hearts of those whom we love, where the refuge is less about a house to live in and more about a connection of hearts? Beyond that, can we cultivate the essence of home as an internal quest in which we discover our truest, most unfettered selves? Surely, this is the pursuit of anyone raising a child – teaching a girl to spread her uncertain wings and ascend in graceful flight, inspiring a boy to quarry the depths of his soul to excavate the treasure of himself.

Coaching your teen is not just a business venture. This is merely the scaffolding for something of epic importance. The bigger picture for us is helping your daughter reach all those places of home that propel her onward and upward. It is about creating sanctuary and freedom for your son through his self-discovered autonomy and increased capacity.

Where the home of their internal landscape reflects in your home.

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