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Our Story


At Zenith Youth Coaching, our mission is to help teenagers discover their strengths and empower them to achieve their greatest potential. We know that the challenges youth face today are significant, and we work from a strengths-based perspective to help them work through their difficulties and focus on goal-setting and future successes.

Our founders share the belief that every child has unique talents and strengths. Focusing on these strengths is key to helping teenagers feel efficacious and autonomous in making changes and overcoming doubts, obstacles, and unproductive habits.

Zenith Youth Coaching was conceived of and created when two sisters collaborated to fulfill their long-time vision of providing an arena for adolescents to change, heal, and grow. 

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Suzy Santos


Certified Youth Coach

Licensed School Counselor

Certified Anxiety Specialist

Suzy is a Certified Youth Coach as well as a Licensed School Counselor and the mother of three children. She has worked as a school counselor for the last seven years and has Master's Degrees in Educational Psychology and School Counseling. 

Bonnie Stewart


Certified Youth Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor

Bonnie is a Certified Youth Coach as well as a Certified Yoga Instructor and the mother of seven children. She has worked in various capacities in the school setting and is currently working on a degree in Psychology.

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