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Is your teenager thriving in the areas that are important to both of you?

Welcome to the place where you can find support and tools to help your child change, heal, and flourish

The possibility for change is always present.


What is your teenager's struggle?

In our experience, adolescents encounter difficulties in one or more of the following areas due to multiple factors, including trauma, gender identity issues, or school, family, and social stress:


Nearly 1 in 3 adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder.


Teenagers' self-esteem is tied to perceived school success, social competence, and emotional balance.

Social Media

Youth need guidance and education to develop the skills to manage social media use.

Life Skills

Teenagers who can handle everyday tasks tend to be happier and more confident.


Understanding the place of peers in a youth's life is crucial in building healthy relationships.

We believe in the power of youth to create new stories for themselves - stories filled with opportunity, progress, resilience, and learning. We provide safe and open heart-spaces for youth to navigate their challenges and to lay foundations of growth and success.

Our Vision